A month ago, I heard about a gold rush in California.  Now I’m knee deep in the water, panning for gold!  My clothes are wet, my fingers are numb, but I keep on looking.

Wait, is that–yes, it is gold!  I found gold!  Finally, after hours in the water, I’ve found gold!

Sadly, this is just a small piece, and I’ll need a lot more to make even as much money that the stores do that I buy my supplies from, but I can find more.

I’m called a forty-niner.  That’s because it’s 1849, and I’m looking for gold.  To do this you need good sturdy clothes, pickaxes, small pans, and a lot of other supplies to eat and live on.


Most of the towns have become ghost towns.  Levi jeans are very popular now because they are tough.  I’ve decided I’ll build a store and become a shopkeeper because I don’t think I’ll get rich this way anymore.

Ten years later:

I’m now one of the richer folk around here.  I guess my plan to run a store really paid off!

If I Were There When Jesus Was Born . . . .

I would be a shepherd because I like animals and I would always try to find them if they got lost.  If I were a shepherd, I would be afraid when the angels came to me, but I would obey them and look for Jesus.

When I found him, I would thank God for fulfilling His promise and run to everyone. I saw, saying, “He is born!  The Messiah has come!  He was born in the stable in a manger!”

Then I would go back to tending my sheep and think about Jesus all night long. wondering what was going to happen and if I would ever see Jesus again.  I would wonder if his parents. had left Bethlehem yet or if they would.

Your Nightlight

Your Nighlight


I dance and chat with the stars.

I float through the navy blue sky.

I swim across the galaxy saying hi to friends.

I glitter watching over my friends on earth.

I sway over the universe.

I am the bright moon.

Summer to Fall Diamante

Summer to Fall Diamante 



Warm, dewy

Flowering, growing, swimming

HOT weather, leaf-jumping

Jumping, raking, playing

Rainy, cool


Ode to Cake

Ode to Cake

(a playful poem)


Oh, cake, how I adore you!

Every time I see you,

I must have you.

Oh, cake, I will do anything

To have you for my own!

Oh, my wonderful cake,

I love your frosting!

How splendid and lovely you look,

Oh, cake, my darling!

I will never forget you.

I shall never leave you,

And never . . . . . 


Well, I can always make another cake.

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